3rd Wave Brands

... Riding Dramatic Shifts in Consumer Engagement

Agile Brands Get Out in Front ... with Fearless Passion, Balance, and Confidence


... the landscape of independent stores and operators gives way to chains and standardization.  Size, distribution, and mass availability capture broad geographies; and broadcast marketing tells us “what and why” to buy.


... the emergence of multi-dimensional brands –– “authorities” in differentiated products, services, and experiences that are enhanced through branded culture, tonality, personality, and built-environments.  Consumer tracking enables knowledge, personalization, and structured relationship-building.


... the advantage swings to consumers; and brands become social and lifestyle enablers.  The control of merchants and broadcasters gives way to communities –– “knowledge and voice” resides at large.  Brands must empower, facilitate, and activate.  They thrive ONLY through collaboration and constant innovation.  Consumer engagement is fostered through –– and to the benefit of –– communities.

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